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Bad Breath? Learn the Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a common issue, but garlic, onion and coffee aren’t the only culprits that can turn your breath sour. For most people, bad breath can be characteristic of certain lifestyle habits. Spicy foods, coffee, alcohol, garlic, tobacco, and more have all been proven to be major causes of bad breath. Despite the avoidance of these bad breath triggers, some cases are indicative of a much bigger issue.


Symptoms of bad breath can sometimes be difficult to self-detect as normally the only symptom is a foul odor. The cause of bad breath links back to dental health and hygiene. After you’ve ruled out food and drink products as major sources of your bad breath, you should see your dentist to discover the root cause and the best method of treatment.


The most common cause of bad breath is oral health. When a person does not brush or floss his or her teeth on a regular basis, bacteria begins to thrive in the mouth creating plaque. This leads to bad odors. If plaque is not removed through regular dental visits, it will not only cause bad breath, but it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.


Bad breath is also caused by a lack of saliva, causing dry mouth. Saliva helps protect the teeth by washing away bacteria as well as moistening the mouth and preventing bad breath.


The first step in seeking treatment for bad breath is to consult with your dentist to uncover the root cause. Your dentist may suggest brushing and flossing on a more regular basis, as well as drinking more water to keep your mouth moist and as bacteria-free as possible. If your bad breath is caused by certain lifestyle habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption, quitting these habits can greatly increase your oral health as well as reduce your bad breath. Bad breath doesn’t have to stop your daily routine. Practicing regular flossing and brushing habits in addition to dental visits will greatly improve all aspects of your oral health.