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Do’s and Don’ts for Holiday Dental Health

If you’re like most Americans, you haven’t experienced one holiday season without someone hurting their teeth in some way. Whether it be from Dad insisting he can open a bottle with his teeth, the dog cracking a tooth after getting into the trash, or your cousin eating too many caramels and now needing a filling replaced, you’ve probably seen or experienced your fair share of tooth issues around the holidays.

To best enjoy the festive season while protecting your dental health, follow these guidelines (and maybe encourage the family to follow them too!): 


Only use proper tools when opening bottles, packages and other troublesome items

Sure, you’re excited to tear into your new gift or open that bottle of wine, but there’s nothing more devastating than cracking a tooth in the process. You’re now scrambling to see if a dentist is available and the bottle or package may still need to be opened. Save yourself the hassle. Never use your teeth as a bottle or package opener. Your teeth (and your insurance) will thank you.

 Brush (at least) twice a day, especially at night

Brush in the morning for other people and brush at night for yourself. By brushing in the morning before all the holiday happenings, you spare others from stinky breath. By brushing at night after the parties, you protect your teeth against plaque build-up, tooth decay, and gum disease. It’s particularly important to brush before bed if you’ve had sweets or sugary beverages because your saliva production is especially low at that time of day, leaving you more vulnerable. While brushing twice a day is routine, remember that now it is essential. 

Get a brighter, whiter smile

Make your best impression while you’re with family and friends this holiday season with a tooth whitening treatment. There are convenient, affordable ways to make your teeth sparkle in as little as two weeks. Give Dentistry At Somerset in Ames a call to find out how.



Indulge in treats without taking care of your teeth afterward

There’s nothing wrong with having holiday treats: candy canes, peppermint bark, caramel, and taffy may be a great part of your holiday traditions, as they should be. But if you do indulge in these treats without properly flossing and brushing afterward, you are at risk for significant tooth decay.

Sip beverages that will stain your teeth

Avoid or limit red wine, sodas, coffee and tea as these drinks will stain your teeth and cause them to lose their brightness. Consider fresh juices, milk, water or carbonated waters as an alternative.

Do not delay treatment.

It’s not ideal to be in a dentist’s chair when you’d rather be with family or friends, but it sure is essential. Delaying treatment for any dental ailment will prolong your discomfort and very well may worsen your condition. Be sure to schedule an appointment with Ames dentist Dentistry At Somerset if you do injure your teeth over the holiday season.