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Identify Cavities Early Before They Require More Costly Dental Treatment

A cavity is decay in a tooth resulting from plaque build-up, poor dental care, or even genetics. This is a common dental problem that is easy and cost-effective to fix. Cavities are most prevalent in children, teenagers, and seniors, but can impact anyone. While the signs and symptoms may vary depending on the severity of the cavity, it’s important to address cavities before they grow worse. Cavities that have gone untreated for too long can cause more extensive pain and may require even more dental treatment. There are 4 symptoms to watch for. If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with your Ames dentist, Dentistry At Somerset, to fix the problems early. This may save you from a more painful situation and from having to pay for a larger problem down the road. 

1. Toothache 

Do you feel spontaneous, unexplained pain in/around a tooth? Are you healthy otherwise? A cavity causes unexplained tooth pain because it grows through tooth enamel. If your toothache has an undetermined origin and becomes persistent, schedule an appointment today. 

2. Tooth Sensitivity 

Do you feel a sharp, isolated pain when eating hot, cold, acidic or sticky foods? If you already have sensitive teeth, is the pain worse than usual? This may be a cavity. A cavity deteriorates tooth enamel and exposes nerve cells, which can cause pain and sensitivity. Call Ames dentist Dentistry At Somerset.

3. Black/Brown Staining on Surface

A cavity appears on a tooth as a black or brown stained hole. In its earliest stage, a cavity looks like a little white hole. The longer it’s unaddressed, the more food and beverages discolor it. Call your Ames dental office, Dentistry At Somerset, right away if you see this type of staining on your tooth. 

4. Bad Breath 

Do you feel that despite diligent brushing, your breath still smells? Are you self-conscious about possibly having bad breath? Maybe a friend or coworker kindly mentioned this to you. Chronic bad breath is usually the sign of a bigger issue. Sometimes bad breath is a symptom of a cavity. The hole a cavity creates hosts bacteria, thus impacting the taste in your mouth and the smell of your breath. The dentists at Dentistry At Somerset can help you alleviate the issue, getting your breath back to normal.