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New Year, New Smile: Resolutions

January 1 is one of the most ambitious days of the year! On this day, people have dedicated themselves to a resolution (or five) for the New Year. Come January 12, though, most resolutions are left shivering in the cold: abandoned. According to the University of Scranton, this is mostly due in part to the lofty, excessive nature of our goals; what first seemed feasible now appears impossible. That’s why this year will be different. Instead of setting a handful of goals that are far beyond your reach, aim to improve something that will not only make your quality of life better but will be fairly straightforward to attain…

This year, invest in your smile! 

Here are some painless and profitable ways to make your smile shine bright through the new year. 

  • Brush and floss regularly (at least twice a day)

According to the University of Scranton (Pennsylvania), 55% of New Year’s resolutions are health-related. You don’t have to buy an expensive gym membership or carve hours out of your week for this one! By setting daily reminders to brush and floss morning and night, you save money on restorative dental care whilst keeping your smile healthy. 

  • Schedule two dentist appointments this year 

A good rule of thumb is to visit the dentist every 6 months. That way, you can prevent cavities and other health problems. Call your dentist and get on the calendar as soon as you can! 

  • Replace your toothbrush every season 

This is something you can start RIGHT NOW! Discard your array of frayed toothbrushes on the bathroom counter and replace it with something fresher. 

Don’t brush off your New Year’s resolutions: commit to these 3 and your smile will thank you!