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The Importance of a Routine Dental Exam

Nowadays, we don’t really think about dental exams and cleanings as being of vital importance. However, these checkups are not only a vital key to our dental health, but to our overall health as well. Getting regular dental cleanings does more than just keep those pearly whites sparkling.  Without them, dental diseases, cancers, and other more serious conditions such as cardiovascular health and stokes may occur or take a huge toll on the body.

Getting your teeth cleaned at least twice per year will keep them healthy and will help them last a lifetime.  During a routine dental exam your dental professional will examine not only your teeth and gums but will also the inside of your mouth and throat any for potential issues, such as inflammation. After careful examination, your dental hygienist will perform the routine teeth cleaning. This is a common procedure and dental cleanings should not hurt. If at any time you are experiencing pain, speak up and let your dentist or dental hygienist know, because it may be an indication of a bigger issue. To begin the cleaning process, a scaler is moved up and down the teeth and along the gum line to ensure the removal of any tartar or debris. After all the teeth have been cleaned and tartar removed, another smaller scaler is used to access the area in-between the teeth and the gums to clean away any additional debris. After all debris has been removed, a polisher and polishing paste are used to remove superficial stains as well as clean the surface of the teeth. The hygienist will then use dental floss to make sure there are no additional obstructions in-between the teeth. Finally, a spray is used to clean the teeth one last time and ensure any additional stains have been removed.

Dental exams assist in the prevention and early detection of dental-related issues. When performed by a proper dental professional, your exam and cleaning will be over quickly with little to no bother to you. Don’t put it off, call Dentistry At Somerset today to make your appointment!