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Dentistry At Somerset

Bridges & Crowns

Ames, IA Bridges & Crowns

We tend to take our teeth for granted until they start to ache or become damaged. Then all we want is for the hurt to go away and to be able to eat and smile normally again. The most common restorative dentistry we do to give our patients just that is with Bridges & Crowns. If you are having trouble with a tooth, make an appointment today at 515-268-0516 so we can help you determine which option is going to be best for you.


A dental bridge covers, or “bridges the gap”, between missing teeth. After you lose a tooth, your dentist may suggest that you get a bridge. A bridge can keep your other teeth from moving out of place. Once a bridge is placed, it works like your natural teeth.


Teeth that are damaged due to injury, infection or disease are repaired by using a crown. The simplest description of a crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a tooth. It is used to strengthen and protect your natural tooth structure. Dentistry At Somerset works with skilled labs to ensure your crown is as strong as possible, with the most beautiful, realistic appearance. Before applying the crown, the doctor will prep your natural tooth by removing all decay and cleaning the tooth surface. Then a crown is placed and becomes the new surface of your tooth. Without a crown, a damaged and diseased tooth might otherwise need to be removed. This leads to more chronic pain due to the bite and more overall health problems.

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