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Tooth decay is caused by an imbalance of oral bacteria. Brushing teeth and flossing reduce bacteria, but they don’t eliminate it. Until recently, dentists were taught that good oral hygiene (brushing, flossing, and eating right) was enough to remove bacteria and free a patient of decay. The truth is that those with a higher imbalance of oral bacteria can’t prevent cavities completely with only flossing and brushing alone. Ridding oral bacteria and preventing decay requires additional treatment.

What is Carifree?

Carifree is a line of elevated pH products to neutralize decay-causing acids and prevent tooth decay.
Products include CariFree rinse, spray, toothpaste, and even gum. A dentist will advise which products a patient should use and the frequency dependent on each individual case.

Benefits of CariFree?

Thanks to CariFree technology, patients that have long-suffered from many cavities without knowing what they were doing wrong, have an answer. Oral hygiene is important. However, patients who are diligent about oral hygiene and still find themselves diagnosed with multiple cavities may have a bacterial infection that hasn’t been treated. If this is the case, our dentists work with patients to improve the oral environment and reduce bacteria. By treating the bacterial infection early, patients will prevent their teeth from decay and cavity. This preserves the natural tooth and saves money. It’s proactive treatment rather than reactive.

How do I know if I could benefit fromCariFree?

Those who would benefit from CariFree technology are patients with pH levels in moderate- to high-risk zones. If you’d like to check your pH level, ask your Dentistry At Somerset dental hygienist about taking the CariFree test during your next appointment. The procedure is as simple and quick as swabbing the mouth.

At Dentistry At Somerset we take pride in our ability to keep up-to-date with new dental technology. We owe it our patients to stay up-to-date with dental technology in order to identify problems and advise treatment with the uttermost accuracy.