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Dentistry At Somerset

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

“Why should I get my teeth cleaned by a dentist when I brush and floss regularly?” A very logical question. And there is a very logical answer. If you look in the mirror, you can examine only your front teeth, and only their front surfaces. You cannot detect a speck of plaque that may be forming at the invisible side of your teeth, in between two teeth. Since you cannot see it chances are your brush or floss will not clean it as well. After all, that is why it started forming in the first place. It is only your dentist who has the means to inspect all surfaces of your teeth minutely. He or she is trained and certified to detect and clean any specks of plaque, and to detect any symptoms of impending dental disease.  Getting your teeth inspected regularly and cleaned by a dentist has multiple advantages for you.

  • Remain Healthy and Enjoy an Active Lifestyle – Your mouth is the gateway to your stomach. A diseased mouth will pollute the food and cause illness. A healthy mouth will help better nourishment and make for better overall health.
  • Preserving your Smile – Plaque and tartar deposits can ruin your smile. Professional teeth cleaning can help you preserve your beautiful smile, and a fresh breath.
  • Improving your Personality – A bright smile adds to your attractive personality.
  • Say Goodbye to Teeth Problems – Professional dental cleanings help prevent dental disease, and heavy treatment costs.

In addition, regular teeth cleaning also helps in reducing risk of many diseases including:

  • Cardiac disease
  • Diabetes
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Preterm birth
  • Infertility
  • And even cancer

Prevention is always better than a cure! And teeth cleaning is your best protection against a multitude of dental problems.

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