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Dentistry At Somerset

Digital X-Rays

Whether digital or traditional, x-rays have come a long way in helping dentists make informed and effective decisions and suggestions without jumping through as many hoops as old-fashioned dentistry. In particular, digital x-rays have compelling benefits that are synonymous with Dentistry At Somerset’s efforts to treat our patients like family. This means taking care of our patients and the environments that they live in.

What are digital x-rays?

To a patient, the physical process of both traditional and digital x-rays will seem the same. However, the difference is afterwards. Traditional x-rays are taken with film that needs to be processed. Digital x-rays are taken electronically and connect to a computer for immediate photos. Digital x-rays also come with several benefits over traditional.

What are the benefits of digital x-rays?

When our office switched from traditional x-rays to digital x-rays, these were the benefits that we found…

  • Less Radiation – The equipment used in digital radiography exposes dental patients to much less radiation. To put a number to it, digital x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than film x-rays. Our dentists and staff value the health of our patients. This is demonstrated in our compassion, expertise, and equipment.
  • Shorter Dental Appointments – Your time is valuable to us. The days of waiting for film to develop during an appointment are over at Dentistry At Somerset. Digital x-rays produce pictures instantly.
  • Higher Quality Images – With traditional film x-rays, it’s impossible to enlarge the photo while still keeping details intact. Digital photos make enlarging and magnifying possible and easy to do. Color, brightness, and contrast can also be adjusted, allowing dentists to catch smaller cavities with ease and confidence. These high quality images increase the efficiency of a patient’s dental health significantly.
  • Transferring Dental Records – Digital x-rays create images as files on a computer seconds after being taken. The digital images can be duplicated, shared, and easily preserved and stored for long periods of time. Dental x-rays can now be transferred between practices with the click of a button. When patients are referred to oral surgeons for serious treatment, our dentists and staff are able to email images to oral surgeons, saving time and money.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Digital radiography doesn’t use any chemicals, whereas in traditional radiography chemicals are imperative to developing the film. Dentist practices also require less space for dark rooms and filing cabinets, since development and storage are both done on computers.