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Our recommended home care products are featured here and are available for purchase. Because many of these products are prescription products, you must be an active patient of Dentistry At Somerset to purchase from our site.

To make a purchase, continue to the form below. After you submit the form a member of our team will reach out to you for payment and delivery/pickup preferences.

Professional Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7400

$125, with tax $133.75

Improving your routine for exceptional check-ups. Expert technology. Personalized guidance. The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean focuses on how you brush, helping you improve your oral care routine in between visits.

Philips Sonicare G3 Premium Gum Care Brush Heads – 3 pack

$35, with tax $37.45

Healthier gums for a healthier smile. Practice better gum health and protect your smile with Sonicare’s G3 Premium Gum Care brush head. Soft sides flex and adapt to the contours of gums for 2x more surface contact as they brush with superior plaque removal at the gumline.

Philips Sonicare W DiamondClean 
Standard Brush Heads – 3 pack

$35, with tax $37.45

Superior cleaning for whiter teeth. The W DiamondClean brush head is perfect for those who want to go beyond deep cleaning to remove surface stains for a radiant, whiter smile. This brush head is also great for maintaining brightness between professional whitening treatments.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 
Compact Sonic Toothbrush Heads – 3 pack

$35, with tax $37.45

Superior cleaning. Whiter teeth. Smaller, compact replacement brush head for Sonicare electric toothbrush. Best performance for cleaning and whitening.

Opalescence Whitening Gel 20%

(Must have already purchased custom whitening trays prior to purchase)

2 Syringes $25, with tax $26.75

4 Syringes $45, with tax $48.15

Opalescence PF 20 is a take-home tooth-whitening system. The transparent gel formula contains 20% carbamide peroxide for highly effective whitening. Opalescence PF 20 also contains ingredients that help reduce sensitivity and strengthen your teeth.

Opalescence Whitening Gel 10%

(Must have already purchased custom whitening trays prior to purchase)

2 Syringes $25, with tax $26.75

4 Syringes $45, with tax $48.15

With Opalescence PF 10, you can whiten teeth your teeth at home, anytime you like. This advanced formula contains 10% carbamide peroxide for effective—yet gentle—whitening. Opalescence PF 10 offers the additional benefits of sensitivity reduction and enamel strengthening.

Opalescence Go Whitening Prefilled Trays (10 Trays)

$75, with tax $80.25

Ready. Set. Go! Opalescence Go™ prefilled whitening trays pair professional strength teeth whitening with unrivaled convenience! The innovative UltraFit™ tray easily conforms to any smile and is ready to use right out of the box. It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s effective. Your search for the perfect whitening solution is over. For more information on how easy the trays are to use, watch this video HERE

CariFree Treatment Kit | PRO CTx26

$99, with tax $105.93

A 3-month supply of products for high-risk patients requiring antibacterial therapy. Included in kit:

  • 2 boxes CTx4 Treatment Rinse
  • 2 bottles CTx3 Rinse
  • 3 tubes CTx4 Gel 5000
  • CTx26 Kit Instruction Insert

CariFree Maintenance Kit | PRO CTx21

$69, with tax $73.83

A 3-month supply of products designed to treat high and moderate-risk patients that do not require antibacterial therapy. Included in kit:

·         3 bottles CTx3 Rinse

·         3 tubes CTx4 Gel 5000

·         CTx21 Kit Instruction Insert

CariFree Treatment Rinse | PRO CTx4

$30, with tax $32.10

CTx4 Treatment Rinse is designed to treat the cariogenic plaque biofilm, reduce the overpopulation of cariogenic bacteria, and neutralize oral pH. Intended for use by patients diagnosed to be at-risk for caries. Available in mint, two 4 oz bottles per box. Approximately 11 days of use per box (when used twice daily).

CariFree Maintenance Rinse | PRO CTx3

GRAPE 16 oz. $15, with tax $16.05

MINT 16 oz. $15, with tax $16.05

CTx3 Rinse is designed to specifically control oral environmental factors that lead to a cariogenic biofilm. CTx3 Rinse contains xylitol, fluoride (.05% sodium fluoride), and CariFree’s unique, patented pH+ technology to neutralize acidic oral pH. Intended for use by patients to lower caries risk and maintain long-term oral health. Available in mint or grape, 16 fl oz bottle. Approximately one month of use (when used twice daily).

CariFree Gel 5000 | PRO CTx4

MINT $15, with tax $16.05

CITRUS $15, with tax $16.05

CTx4 Gel 5000 is a low abrasion tooth gel that combines the proven anti-caries benefits of 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride with bioavailable nano hydroxyapatite crystallites, xylitol, and CariFree’s unique pH+ technology. Each box contains one 2 fl oz (57g) tube. Approved size for airline travel! Approximately one month of use (when used twice daily). Available in mint and citrus.

CariFree Spray | PRO CTx2

$15, with tax $16.05

CTx2 Spray is an oral moisturizing spray that combines xylitol with CariFree’s unique, patented pH+ technology. Each box contains four 1 fl oz spray bottles.

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  • Price: $37.45
  • Price: $37.45
  • 2 Syringes $25, with tax $26.75
    4 Syringes $45, with tax $48.15
  • 2 Syringes $25, with tax $26.75
    4 Syringes $45, with tax $48.15
  • Price: $80.25
  • Price: $105.93
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