Welcome to the Dentistry At Somerset Blog!

We’re excited to welcome you to our Dentistry At Somerset blog. Whether you are a new patient, or you’ve been with us for years, we’re honored to be part of your dental journey. You’ll discover that we invest in our patients and want what is best for your smile. Our blog will share important information that will guide, inform, and may even entertain you.

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In our first post, we wanted to review the ways we ensure you have a pleasant visit with us:

We Offer Cozy Amenities to Put You at Ease

Since we understand some patients struggle with anxiety, we want to assure you that we go the extra mile to relieve your nerves. That’s why we have a private patient care room. It allows you to have your appointment in peace. We can also provide you with a weighted blanket, which has been known to ease stress. You can also wear headphones to block out the sounds of our equipment. Sedation is also available if you need extra help taking the edge off your anxiety.

We Use Advanced Dental Technology

Modern technology is another way we ensure your appointment goes smoothly. Our digital X-rays expose you to less radiation than traditional methods. They also quickly capture clear images of your teeth for our planning purposes. We also have digital scanners, which means we won’t use messy trays of goop to make impressions of your teeth. If you are getting dental implants, we have computer-guided technology to ensure precise placement of your artificial tooth roots.

No Insurance? No Problem! You Can Join Our Membership Club

Since costs sometimes get in the way of patients pursuing dental treatment, we have a membership club available. If you don’t have insurance, this is a low cost way of covering your cleanings and exams. All you pay is a low monthly fee. You also get discounts on other services. We have club options for adults, children, and patients with gum disease.

That’s only the beginning, of course! From preventive services for your whole family to dental implants to cosmetic dentistry, you’ll discover we have a wide range of services that keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We’re excited to be your top choice for dental care.

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