Reveal a Healthy Gumline After Your Nonsurgical Treatment

Your gums play an important role in your oral health and overall well-being. They keep harmful bacteria out of your system and away from your bloodstream. Plus, they hold your teeth in place. When an infection gets into your gums, you put your smile and your whole health at risk. Gum disease has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease and other serious conditions.

At Dentistry At Somerset, we not only care about your health but your comfort too. You can relax in our private patient care rooms with a weighted blanket and pillow. We also have conscious sedation to ease your anxiety. In addition, our team uses advanced techniques to treat problems like gum disease without requiring surgery. We will use a combination of these procedures:

  • Deep Cleaning – We’ll perform a procedure called scaling and root planing. It deep cleans in and around your gumline. We remove the plaque and tartar buildup triggering the gum disease (scaling). Then we smooth out your tooth roots (root planing) to prevent a reoccurring infection.
  • Antibacterial Irrigation – This technique is used to help flush out toxins from the area under your gumline and deposit antibacterial medication.

Your dentist may also ask you to return more frequently for cleanings. It will help us stay on top of your gum health.

If you notice symptoms at home, such as red or swollen gum tissue, bleeding when you brush and floss, increased tooth sensitivity, or chronic bad breath, it may be a sign of an infection. Call 515-337-2244 ASAP for nonsurgical gum disease treatment in Ames. You can also schedule online.