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Dentistry At Somerset

Family Dentistry

Ames, IA Family Dentistry Services

Our office prides itself in our ability to serve the needs of patients at any age. This is why we’ve become the trusted Ames, IA family dentistry service provider. Parents, grandparents and kids all feel welcomed and catered to in our office. We provide a Kids Corner with books and games for our youngest patients. Many children make themselves at home while mom, dad or grandparents go in to their appointments.

Our dental team is made up of parents. We naturally relate to kids on their level. We have many elderly patients and we’re happy to make accommodations and provide extra assistance as needed. Our office is handicap accessible.

One of the greatest joys we have is seeing our patients’ lives evolve. There are patients that have been coming to Dentistry At Somerset since they were young children and now they’re off to college. It’s fun seeing those kids now making lives for themselves!

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