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Dentistry At Somerset

Cosmetic Dentistry

Comprehensive Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Ames, IA

Dentistry At Somerset in Ames, IA offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry procedures and services. Patients tell us time and time again that we have truly changed their lives. We’ve learned that improving the appearance of one’s smile gives patients greater confidence, which in turn leads to greater success in their lives and in their work. See the kinds of results we’ve achieved for our patients by watching our 2-Minute Smile Gallery Video.

We’d love to talk with you about comprehensive cosmetic dentistry options to give you greater confidence with your smile. Call today to make your appointment 515-268-0516.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve Your Smile?

Are you afraid of smiling in front of friends and coworkers, just because you fear that you will expose your crooked and stained teeth in front of them, every time you smile? Do you want to have a perfect and beautiful smile? Then visiting a cosmetic dentist is the answer to all your dental worries. Cosmetic dentistry provides various procedures that are aimed at improving the facial esthetics, as well as the appearance of dental structures, such as the teeth and gums.

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Porcelain veneers help our patients achieve a perfect smile. They are an easy, high-quality solution for chips, stains, misalignment, misshapen teeth and gaps. Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front side of teeth and create the appearance of a perfect smile. We offer free consultations to anyone interested in our services. To schedule your free consultation today, please contact our office at 515-268-0516 or message us through our online form.

Clear Aligner Orthodontic Therapy

Malocclusion Is A Disease

Teeth that are not aligned properly in your mouth create what dentists call “malocclusion.” Left untreated, malocclusion can lead to periodontal disease and create abnormal amounts of stress on teeth and jaws, which lead to premature wear. Research shows that periodontal disease is associated with several other diseases. For a long time it was thought that bacteria was the factor that linked periodontal disease to other disease in the body; however, more recent research demonstrates that inflammation may be responsible for the association. Therefore, treating inflammation may not only help manage periodontal diseases but may also help with the management of other chronic inflammatory conditions.

Malocclusion Affects 74% of American Adults

If you have crooked teeth, it may affect your periodontal health because it is difficult to remove plaque when teeth are not aligned. Periodontal disease can begin as gum redness or bleeding while brushing or flossing, and you may notice bad breath. If not treated, gum inflammation can become worse, leading to soft tissue damage, receding gums, the formation of pockets between teeth and gums, bone loss and tooth loss.

Dr. Niegsch chooses to use the Invisalign brand of clear aligner therapy for teeth straightening. Invisalign uses custom-made clear aligners that are almost invisible, to gently move your teeth into a more ideal position. Invisalign fits easily into your active lifestyle and are almost invisible, so you’re the only one that needs to know you’re doing it.

Please call us at 515-268-0516 to set up your Invisalign appointment today. Dr. Niegsch has been providing clear orthodontic therapy for his patients since 2008. He’s successfully treated over 100 cases since then and he is one of the most highly respected general practice clear aligner providers in the state of Iowa. Patients share their dramatic results here. Click here for more Invisalign information.

Teeth Whitening

Dentistry At Somerset offers at-home professional teeth whitening treatments. These treatments give our patients the amazing results they’re looking for their brightest, whitest smiles. The process is simple:

  • First it’s important that you have a preventive care cleaning and exam with the doctor to ensure you’re a good candidate for whitening.
  • We will scan your teeth digitally and make custom trays that are similar to retainers that many of our patients are familiar with.
  • Once your trays are ready, we’ll send you home to wear your trays overnight. You will apply whitening gel inside your trays and wear the trays for the time prescribed by the doctor based on your sensitivity and based on your desired results.
Unique Patient Program – Brightening for Life!

We feel that every patient in our office deserves to have a smile they can be proud of. We are excited to offer our patients a unique program we call Brightening for Life! When you come to our office for your preventive care visit (exam and cleaning) we will arrange for you to get custom bleaching trays and materials for a low, one-time enrollment fee of $99! Then, at each recommended preventive care visit, we will give you a complimentary touch up kit of bleaching gel. This ensures you will be able to keep your teeth bright and beautiful for life!

All we ask in return is:
  • You keep your recommended preventive care and/or periodontal maintenance visits current
  • Provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment

Our Brightening for Life Patient Agreement can be found here.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a procedure that allows us to repair small imperfections in your teeth. If you are living with a chip, small fracture, or other small impurity, we can fix it. To do this, we fill the chip or fracture with a composite bonding material. This material is much like the material used for our fillings. The material flows into the area to create a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface that will restore your smile’s natural beauty. We can’t count the times patients have told us “I can’t believe it was that easy! If I would have known this I would have had this done years ago!”

Smile Makeover

Are you in need of a total smile makeover? We personalize treatment for every patient. In most cases it involves combining any of these cosmetic treatments to give patients the healthy, straight, beautiful teeth everyone wants. We even have the technology to show you what your dream smile will look like before we even begin treatment! Schedule a free consultation to discuss your options for a complete smile makeover!

If you are ready to begin your journey to a healthier, more beautiful smile, call our office to schedule an appointment with our Ames, IA cosmetic dentist. You can reach us by phone at 515-268-0516. We would love to hear from you and help you get started. There is no reason to live with a smile that makes you uncomfortable or self-conscious – call your friends at Dentistry At Somerset today!

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