Improve Your Oral Health With Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Getting your wisdom teeth is like a rite of passage for young adults. It happens right around the time you are entering adulthood, between the ages of 17 and 25. However, not everyone has theirs removed at this stage in life – or ever. Still, sometimes extraction is necessary to avoid problems. While no one wants to hear they need a surgical procedure of any kind, if yours do need removed, we make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.

Here is what you can expect when getting your wisdom teeth removed:

  • Dental Exam – Your dentist will begin with a complete exam of your mouth, including taking digital X-rays. If your wisdom teeth are impacted or haven’t erupted properly, we may need to recommend you to a trusted specialist.
  • Extraction – Once we are ready to move forward with the procedure, we’ll gently extract your wisdom teeth. While we do numb your mouth, sedation through laughing gas is also available. We also have comforting amenities, such as weighted blankets and headphones, to relax your nerves.
  • Aftercare – When the procedure is complete, your mouth will need time to heal. We’ll review aftercare instructions with you that will facilitate healing. Follow all the instructions your dentist provides to ensure it goes smoothly.

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