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Dentistry At Somerset

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry Services in Ames, IA

“Restorative Dentistry” is the term dental professionals use to explain how they replace missing or damaged teeth. The goal is to bring back your natural smile and prevent future oral health issues.

Restorative procedures are important because:

  • Filling in empty spaces in the mouth helps to keep teeth in the right place
  • Replacing teeth help to maintain good oral care habits, which can help prevent oral disease and plaque buildup
  • Missing teeth can affect your health, looks and how you feel about yourself

There are a few different treatment options that our dentists may suggest. These include Bridges & Crowns and Dental Implants.

Dr. Niegsch is an expert with regard to restorative dentistry. He is a Graduate and Mentor with the Kois Center for Restorative Excellence in Seattle, WA and has spent countless hours studying hundreds of patient cases identifying the best restorative solution.

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