Reclaim Your Comfort With TMJ Therapy

We’ll start with a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. Our skilled dentist will assess your symptoms, examine your jaw joint, and discuss your medical history to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. One of the most common and successful approaches for TMJ therapy is the use of oral appliances.

To create your appliance, our dental team will take precise impressions of your teeth. Instead of a messy tray of goop, we use a digital scanner for impressions. You won’t have to hold a tray in your mouth, which can be difficult for those suffering from TMJ pain. The impressions ensure your appliance is custom-fitted to your mouth.

You’ll also receive instructions on how to use and maintain your appliance. We are happy to work together with a physical therapist, if needed, for a comprehensive solution.

Your appliance will:

  • Fit comfortably in your mouth
  • Adjust the position of your jaw joint
  • Alleviate the pressure on the joint, reduce muscle tension, and promote proper alignment
  • With regular use, provide relief from TMJ symptoms, including pain, headaches, jaw stiffness, and muscle tension

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