Happy Tooth Fairy Day!

Losing baby teeth is a big development for your children. Many times, the tooth fairy will visit families to mark these milestones.

Since National Tooth Fairy Day is coming up soon, we wanted to discuss some things your family dentist in Ames, IA can do for your children.

You want to see your children smile for many years to come. Our dental professional can make that more likely with our friendly, personal approach to oral health. We are happy to answer your questions about your loved ones’ oral health.

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About Baby Teeth

Everyone starts with a set of primary teeth, also sometimes called baby teeth. The first of these teeth typically erupt around the time a baby is 6 months old. By the age of 3 years, most children will have all 20 of their primary teeth.

As kids get older, they — and their mouths — grow and develop. In time, their permanent need room to come in. Between the ages of 6 and 12 years, most of those primary teeth will have fallen out to make room for their permanent (or adult) teeth.

Some people will allow their children to neglect their primary teeth since they are “going to fall out anyway.” That’s not the best approach. Kids can and do develop cavities in baby teeth, which can lead to toothaches and infections.

It’s equally important to encourage good daily oral hygiene habits while your children still have their baby teeth. Learning these habits at an early age makes it more likely that they will maintain those habits when as they get older. You can decrease their risk of oral health problem by introducing them to brushing, flossing, and routine dental visits as soon as possible.

When those baby teeth do start falling out, we can help you explain to your kids what is happening and why. 

Prepare for a Lifetime of Smiles 

You want your family to be as healthy as they can. Oral health is important for its own sake, but it also plays a significant role in overall health.

Building a relationship with a family dentist who you trust can be invaluable in this effort. Our doctors want you and your loved ones to maintain your healthy mouth.

We do this by offering a variety of services to help you at every stage of life. Come to us for regular checkups, so we can perform professional cleanings and exams. This goes a long way in preventing tooth decay and periodontal problems.

If you do develop a dental issue, we want to find and treat them as soon as possible. You can count on our team to repair your smile with restorative dentistry. Also, you can and should reach out to us as soon as possible in the even of a dental emergency.

Start Building Healthy Habits

Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day by scheduling a visit with your family dentist in Ames, IA. 

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