Overcome Tongue-Tie Symptoms With Gentle Laser Surgery

Parenthood comes with its joys and challenges, and one common hurdle you might face is dealing with a tongue-tie in your precious little one. This seemingly small issue can cause a range of problems, not just during breastfeeding but throughout your child’s life. 

The good news is there’s a modern solution that can bring relief to both you and your baby – laser surgery at Dentistry At Somerset.

Common Tongue-Tie Symptoms in Infants

In many cases, a lactation consultant or primary care physician will spot a baby’s tongue-tie, a condition where the delicate connective tissue between the tongue and the floor of the mouth is shorter than usual. 

But parents, especially nursing mothers, may also notice signs of trouble early on with their infants. Tongue-tie can create difficulties and discomforts for bottle-fed babies, too.

Here are several common tongue-tie symptoms to watch for:

  • Feeding Struggles – If your baby finds it hard to latch properly due to a tongue-tie, they may not get enough milk, impacting their growth and development.
  • Slipping Off the Nipple – A poor latch often results in your baby slipping on and off the nipple, which can be frustrating for both of you.
  • Fussiness and Colic-Like Symptoms – Constant crying or fussiness can mimic colic, making it tough to soothe your little one.
  • Gas and Acid Reflux – Babies with ties may swallow excess air during breastfeeding, leading to gassiness and acid reflux.
  • Fatigue During Feeding – Babies might become fatigued or fall asleep soon after starting to breastfeed due to the extra effort required.
  • Nipple Biting – As they struggle to latch, babies may use extra force or even bite once their teeth come in.
  • Speech and Dental Issues – Tongue-ties can also cause speech problems, gaps in teeth, stunted growth of the jaw and arch of the mouth potentially leading to dental issues like decay and crowding.

Laser Surgery Benefits Both Mom & Baby

Tongue-tie is completely out of your control, but as a mother, you can’t help but feel stressed, anxious, and even guilty for not being able to give your baby the nourishment he or she needs. Just as latching trouble can cause you physical pain and discomfort, the entire feeding experience takes an equally hard toll on you emotionally. 

That’s why doing something about your child’s tongue-tie can benefit both of you. The good news is that our laser surgery offers a minimally invasive and highly effective solution to tongue-ties. No scalpels. No stitches. Using a dental laser is:

  • Less invasive – reducing the risk of infection and bleeding.
  • Gentle – painless enough to avoid numbing agents or sedation, making it a comfortable experience for your baby.
  • A faster, easier recovery – allowing your baby to get back to normal and ready to nurse or bottle feed almost immediately.

At Dentistry At Somerset, we understand the challenges you face and are here to help. We want to ensure a comfortable and happy journey for both you and your baby. Correcting tongue-ties can bring relief and peace of mind to parents, allowing your baby to nurse without problems and thrive.

Even if the tie has a minimal effect on breastfeeding, it’s still essential to address the issue to prevent potential speech and dental problems down the road. Laser surgery offers a safe and efficient solution that can set your child on the path to a brighter and healthier future. So, don’t hesitate to seek help if you suspect your baby has a tongue-tie – there’s a world of benefits awaiting both you and your little one!

Call our team in Ames, IA today at 515-337-2244 to schedule a consultation. We will talk to you about  your child’s needs and whether they may benefit from our gentle treatment. You can also request an appointment online.