Treat Yourself to Veneers for Valentine’s Day

You can show your smile some love this Valentine’s Day. Make an appointment with one of our Dentistry at Somerset doctors. It’s a great time to discuss how dental veneers could give you the smile of your dreams.

Veneers are an excellent way to:

  • Make your smile more vibrant
  • Repair the wear and tear your teeth have experienced
  • Create a more attractive and appealing smile
  • Restore your confidence in your smile and your smile

Do something good for someone you care about — yourself! Schedule your visit to our Ames, IA dental office soon to being your smile upgrade.

Complete Your Smile Transformation

Veneers are one of the most versatile cosmetic services that you can choose. Veneers can give you the kind of smile that you are used to seeing on the covers of celebrity magazines and on the big screen. There’s a good reason for that. Many of those smiles were created with veneers.

If your teeth are stained, you can certainly brighten them with teeth whitening. If your teeth are discolored for other reasons, then whitening may not be effective. In those situations, get veneers that can make your teeth look at bright as you would like.

Veneers also provide restorative benefits. You can repair teeth that are broken, chipped, cracked, or worn-down with veneers. This way your teeth can look complete, and you can continue to use them to bite or chew.

If you have mild alignment issues, veneers could be a simple fix. Veneers give you the appearance of teeth that are perfectly straight without any gaps in your smile.

You can use veneers in combination with other services, or you may find that veneers are the perfect solution to fix multiple flaws at the same time.

How Veneers Work

Veneers work a little like siding on a house. They are attached to the exterior to change what people see.

If you are getting veneers, we start by removing a thin layer of enamel to create room for your cosmetic addition. Then, your veneers will be custom-made to fit your teeth and to match your smile goals. We will bond your veneers to your teeth when they are ready.

You may be surprised the first time you see your new smile. Many people are astonished by how much nicer their teeth look when they get their veneers.

You also get some other benefits. Veneers are durable and can last for a decade or longer with proper care (including brushing, flossing, and regular checkups). Veneers also are more stain resistant than natural teeth. This can help you maintain your new and improved smile for longer.

In general, you can complete the process of getting veneers in a matter of weeks and few appointments.

Make the Change You Want to See

Dental veneers can make a big difference in how you feel about your smile. We have seen the way this versatile cosmetic treatment can improve smiles and boost self-esteem. 

Call Dentistry at Somerset today at 515-337-2244 for an appointment in Ames, IA. You can also request an appointment online. Show your smile some love!